Living Wales: Rugby 6 Nations 2010

11 02 2010

I have to thank Marco Lentini for what I know about Rugby. When we were living together in Savona’s Campus he taught me basic rules and how nice is this sport: a war on the pitch, a friendship when the referee whistle gives the end of the match. Completely different from the barbarian fellowship of football.

Last year I was already in Wales during the Six Nations, but I didn’t feel it too much. Just painful when everybody was laughing about Italy’s results, and somebody quite upset because if we would’ve lost badly with Wales they would’ve won the cup!

This year I’ve taken the chance to make some pictures of the Welsh People in the Pub where Francesca works (The Bryn Dinas) while supporting their national team against the “arch-enemy” England. Amazing.  Everybody drinking, talking, supporting, laughing: men, women, kids, English and Welsh. There’s no anger in their shouts, antagonism but respect.


Half time comes and everybody stand up for a drink. People go outside smoking in the beer garden, at the toilet, or just at the bar for a quick chat with those whom are standing by. Even people who don’t usually go to the Pub are there, just for the Six Nations match.


The second half begins and everybody is back at their sits: Wales is losing but playing well. The odds to win are high.


The match ends and Wales has lost. But nobody is angry or upset. It’s a game, the first match of the tournament, there’s still time to prove who’s the best. People stand up, but not many go away. The match might be finished, but he night has just begun: time for drinks, chats, laughs and fun.


See you Saturday the 13th at the Bryn for Wales- Scotland.