Where to start…

I was born in Alessandria in northern Italy, from a  southern Italy family (from Battipaglia, the town of Mozzarella!). At 14 I began, against my mum wishes), a catering school, to become a chef. I’ve worked as a chef since then during summer seasons and weekends. But at the end of the school something was missing. I discovered my love for the economy. Packed the bag I left to Savona, where mainly begins my adult life: new job in a 4 star hotel with a Michelin star restaurant (A Spurcacciun-a – from Ligurian dialect “the filthy woman”), studying Economy and Management for touristic services in  a University Campus, living inside that Campus and collaborating with the Students Association SACS (that I chaired as president in 2008). The Association played a big part in what I am now. Working with students of different areas (such as economists, environmental and management engineers, communication scientists)  gave me the chance to know more than what I was studying, opening my mind.

A the end of that period another change was needed. To see what was outside. A family run Hotel in North Wales gave me the chance to work as a sous chef improving in the mean time my English, my management skills and assisting how to organize a new business.

So here I am now: a Chef living in St. Asaph (Llanelwy in Welsh) with his girlfriend Franca (Franca in Welsh), busy trying to study tourism systems and how every single part of the offer (from the indigenous habitants to the hotel company) can do a great job to promote and grow the area.


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